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Ralph’s is a full-service HVAC company that handles installations and repairs for residential and commercial heating systems in Lansing, IL.

Heating Repair

Lansing residents are no strangers to a freeze come winter months, so it is important for you to make sure your heating system or unit is operating at its best. Not only does your system directly impact your indoor comfort, but an efficiently operating heating system will keep your utility bills from spiking. Ralph’s Heating and Air Conditioning equips each technician with all parts and tools necessary to fix common heating problems right then and there. We work on warranty repairs and post-warranty repairs for various makes and models of heating systems. 

Furnace Repair

Unless your furnace is electric, a gas- and oil-burning furnace is at risk of releasing carbon monoxide into your home when a mechanical piece is broken or worn out. If your furnace struggles to produce heat, has a yellow pilot flame (should be blue), or rusting appears on the flue pipe, contact Ralph’s repair services immediately.

Extend the overall lifespan of your heating system by implementing simple Maintenance Tips!

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