Heating Service in Calumet City IL

Our full range of HVAC services includes installations, repairs, and maintenance for commercial and residential heating units. Your indoor comfort is our focus!

Heating Repair

It’s time to schedule a repair for your heating system if you are getting little to no heat or have to constantly readjust your thermostat. Calumet City winters require residents to have efficient heating systems in their homes and businesses, and Ralph’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help with that. Our 70-plus years of experience have taught us what tools and parts to always have on hand for the most common of heating repairs. We work on both warranty repairs and post-warranty repairs.

Furnace Repair

Some mechanical problems with your furnace are apparent, such as your furnace refusing to turn on or simply not igniting at all. This lack of heat can especially be frustrating when Dolton is experiencing a freeze. Through our 70 years of experience, we learned how to properly identify what component prevents your furnace from producing heat properly. We repair electric, oil-burning, and gas-burning furnaces.

Specifically, with gas- or oil-burning furnace types, a significant concern is a carbon monoxide leak. Look out for:

  • Yellow pilot flame (should be blue)
  • No upward draft within the chimney
  • Presence of rust on the flue pipes
  • Increased moisture on windows, walls, and other cold surfaces

Minimize the chances of an unexpected system failure by learning what Maintenance you can do for your home heating unit!

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