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With over 70 years of experience, Ralph’s Heating and Air Conditioning provides professional HVAC services to Dolton and the Southern Chicago area. We handle home heating system installations, replacements, repairs, and even annual tune-ups.

Heating Repair

Is your home heating system ready to take on the cold winter months? Dolton IL is all too familiar with the importance of an efficient heating system. Ralph’s Heating and Air Conditioning equips each technician with all parts and tools necessary to fix common heating problems during our service appointment. If a part is needed, we have over 10,000 parts on hand for various makes and models of HVACs in our shop. We understand the need for having your heat back as soon as possible.

Signs Your Heating System Needs Repaired

  • Increased energy usage or spike in your monthly utility bill
  • Rooms feel like different temperatures
  • Repeatedly adjusting your thermostat
  • System is slow to heat your home

Furnace Repair

While little to no heat from your furnace can be frustrating, carbon monoxide leaks are a vital concern specifically with oil- and gas-burning furnaces. Signs to notice include the pilot flame is yellow instead of blue, rusting along the flue pipe, or odd noises (rattling, banging, whining). Contact Ralph’s immediately for a professional repair on all furnace types. We will get your home back to being warm, cozy, and safe!

Submit a Service Request or call us directly at (773) 375-4600 to discuss your specific heating problem. We work on both warranty repairs and post-warranty repairs.

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